Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Luna plays

I saw Luna play live three times. They broke up a few years ago but were a great band in concert. A month before the World Trade Center was history, August of '01, they gave a free concert in the plaza there after work, playing most of their newest album at that point, the tremendous but unfairly neglected album, Days of Our Nights. This record should have been a hit but like most good things is unappreciated in its own time, kind of like this blog as a matter of fact. I remember sitting there in the WTC Plaza and saying to myself, you know, this isn't bad, to see this good a show for free a few blocks from where I work, even though there were probably fewer than 100 souls witnessing the event, with fully half that number who had any idea who Luna actually was. Anyhoo, I had seen them earlier at the Knitting Factory, and said to myself (I talk a lot to myself at concerts) that anyone who would claim rock&roll is dead or even gravely ill would have to account for the astounding musical display I was watching. And when I caught them a few years later at another free live outdoor show down South Street Seaport way, after the release of Romantica, it turned out to be another brilliant show, but then I am all about free live outdoor music when it's one of my favorite bands. The bass player they added at around this time, Britta Phillips, is so ridiculously hot to look at that it added a whole 'nother dynamic to their live shows, and the intricate guitar interplay between Dean Wareham and Sean Eden, the other guitarist, was often sparkling, and their best songs resembled great groups like the Velvet Underground and Television. Wareham, who looks a little like actor Willem Dafoe and a lot like Aidan Quinn, made his acting debut in a small indie film called Piggie that I saw at Two Boots Pioneer Theater a few years back and he was there to answer questions about the film along with the director. Nice guy too.
Luna's Website is www.fuzzywuzzy.com.

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