Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bottle Rockets | Indianapolis

Not sure if the Bottle Rockets are still together, never did catch them live, but this song is from 1997's 24 Hours A Day, which I thought was killer but when I just looked them up on allmusic.com it said the album sold poorly and they were subsequently dropped from their record label. No doubt to make room for some mumble-mouthed hip-hop artist who grabs his crotch and yells about how gangsta he is. Isn't it a great time to be alive? But Brian Henneman, the lead singer/guitarist, played lead on that first Wilco album, essentially stealing the album like a terrific character actor can steal a movie, and also contributed to some Uncle Tupelo tracks. Henneman adds a dimension of humor to his songwriting that is all too often lacking in alternative country artists like Son Volt and even the Jayhawks, in songs like "Thousand Dollar Car" and "Coffee Monkey." 24 Hours and their 1994 album The Brooklyn Side are probably the best places to start, although Songs of Sahm, basically a tribute to the late Doug Sahm, might be my favorite.

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