Friday, December 15, 2006

The Lords of the New Church - Open your eyes

Lords of the New Church was the band Stiv Bators formed in 1981 after the demise of the Dead Boys and the Wanderers. They were sort of a punk supergroup, with terrific guitarist Brian James from The Damned and I think the drummer and bassist from Sham 69, and sounded a lot like vintage Stranglers, even the Doors. I saw all of Stiv's musical incarnations live over the years, and while it's hard to top the Dead Boys, when me and Tony caught Lords at an obscure club I can't recall right now, they were just fucking intense that night, with a brooding, determined presence that matched the dark mood of songs like Holy War, Lord's Prayer and this one, Open Your Eyes. The first self-titled album has a great cover of A Question of Temperature as well as the band's credo New Church. Also later did a crazed cover of Madonna's Like A Virgin.

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