Friday, December 15, 2006

Iggy Pop - Candy

Ah, "Candy, Candy, Candy, I can't let you go" ... One of Iggy's more tender if obsessive love songs. This song and the album it's from, Brick By Brick, reminds me of the many nights spend at the old Holiday Lounge on St. Mark's, one of our favorite late '80s/early '90s Village hangouts. This 1990 album was on the jukebox and I would play the crap out of it, especially this song, Home and Main Street Eyes. Another case where you probably had to be there. Probably hadn't heard this song in a good 10 years, with Kate Peirson from the B-52s on background vocals. Takes me to a good spot in the way back machine. The bar had two-dollar mixed drinks and we would meet there and get good and blistered before moving on to other, more pricey venues later in the evening, after we had played the bowling game, the jukebox and most likely surreptitiously lit a joint inside just to see if we could get away with it. And I guess we did, because here I am... Fun Iggy facts: Born on April 21, along with yours truly, Cowboys QB Tony Romo, Tony Danza, Charles Grodin, Queen Elizabeth, Anthony Quinn, Catherine the Great, and the Cure's Robert Smith. That's an awful lot of talent for one day. I like to think I'm an uneven amalgam of all those people somehow, with hopefully at least slightly less of the bad Tony Danza birthday "gene" and more of the good material exemplified by a long-reigning British Queen, a feared Russian Empress, a multiple Oscar winner, a charasmatic goth-rock icon, a pioneering punk-rock godfather, a rising football phenom, and a witty talk show host. Iggy Pop also had a brief but memorable role in the Jim Jarmusch Western Dead Man. We saw Iggy live at the old Ritz circa '81 and, surprise surprise, he was shirtless the whole show. What a showman...

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