Monday, June 12, 2006

Warm Up The Virgins

I'm back at the Internet cafe today. Tried the library today but there was a long wait for a free machine. Had an argument with some woman there who tried to cut ahead of me. She sees me standing there and tries to talk to the librarian. I said I was next and she said she didn't see me, but I don't play that, so I asked her if I was invisible and she says I guess so. I said something back and she comes back with, your mother would be proud of you. I'm not making this up. First of all, my mother would be the first to stick up for herself if someone tried to treat her rudely, so wherever she is looking down on me today, I'm sure she wishes I had given twice as much back.
I'm on my way to a gig tonite, have no idea if it's an easy or difficult one. You know I'm hoping for something easy, but if it goes longer than 5 hours I get more money, obviously, and since my rent is due Thursday, I need all the help I can get. But as usual I am dreading the whole deal. It's a beautiful day today, with something called the Sun out, which we haven't been seeing a lot of lately.
Was in the laundromat the other day and someone had left a New York Post there. It was the day after we killed Zarqawi, and on the cover was his bloated, beat up face, with a balloon caption coming out of his mouth. "Warm Up The Virgins" it said. Inside the running story was called "Rest In Pieces." This is the kind of grown up commentary you can expect from a garbage right wing rag. I would never buy it, even tho it cost a quarter. Now you see why.
Well, gotta go. Wish me luck.

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