Monday, June 19, 2006

About Time

Sitting here at local library in midst of heat wave. Haven't put in my AC at home yet. Wanted to wait until July, or at least until I gainfully reached real fulltime employment. I have to report that my hopes are high based on an interview I had last Friday at the Hotel Wales, a posh upper east side hotel. They're looking for what's called a night auditor, for the hours 11pm to 7am, slightly offpeak, no? but right up my alley because it would allow me to still do my freelance proofreading as well as the catering gigs that I've become so famous for when that deal picks up again after the summer. The night auditor basically goes over the books for that day; I talked to my friend Paul and he had the exact same gig years ago and called it a proverbial piece of cake, altho the hours take some getting used to, obviously. I thought I really hit it off with Robert, the guy who interviewed me. He said he had one more interview and then would call and make me an offer, his words, but I would accept any reasonable offer considering the plethora of benefits he outlined. It would be sweet to report some good news for a change. Amen.
Moments ago got a call from Artisan, bless their pointed little heads. My presence is requested by the boys and girls at Select down at Varick for tomorrow, where my proofreading expertise is needed. Also got a call from Artisan last week regarding a possible freelance assigntment at Lifetime Television. The key is to get several accounts going so that I'm always busy and there are no long periods between assignments.
I won't dwell on the negative here but my finances are in a state of serious disrepair. It was good to get the Select call for tomorrow, but I am behind in a big way and thus on the precipice of despair. I have to stay mentally strong because no one will save me but me at this point. Oh yeah, feel free to send large sums of cash to me, consider it patronage if it makes you feel any better. Well, my time is up. Even time has a price these days.

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