Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Not Looking Back, Preferably

It's been a busy few days. No I didn't hear from the hotel yet. Robert the manager who interviewed me left a message for me yesterday afternoon, saying the other guy applying for the job who canceled his interview Friday apparently canceled again yesterday and would be in today. So it's b/w me and a guy who has already postponed his interview twice. It's already past 4 today so I expect to hear something soon.

Worked for S. Comm. today, and found out they want me back there again tomorrow. That's good, but it's still not the best news of the day. That honor would go to the news that L.TV wants to see me tomorrow, and it looks like they already have some work. If i wasn't tied up with S. I could have started there tomorrow, but as it is they want to have a meet&greet at their place. I have an 11:00 appointment with them and then it's back downtown to S. by 1:00, where at this point everyone really does know my name. If everything works out, it looks like I will have 4 days of work this week, and not a moment too soon.

I spent part of yesterday bemoaning to myself the fact that I publicly bemoaned in this space my lack of money -- you know: green stuff, cabbage, pesos, dinero. I really don't need anyone's pity, and so I was almost going to delete that post. But let it stand as a monument, perhaps a benchmark, in that I hope to never again have to sink so low and wallow in self-pathos, if that's what it came off as. i don't know, i never read over my posts, or hardly ever: i just forge ahead. And, like some freakish amalgam of Bartleby the Scrivener, Bob Dylan and Satchell Paige, let the record state that I would prefer not to look back, literally or figuratively, because what good it would do. Jokerman dance to the nightingale tune...

I just did a Google search for Billy Loes, a pitcher for the Yankees and Dodgers and some other teams in the Fifties and a fellow Greek who was born here in Astoria. An All-Star in 1957! My Aunt Vickie said she knew him or went out with him back in the day. She wanted me to find out about him. She's become a huge baseball fan, following every Mets game religiously. You're able to print 20 pages at a time here at the Library. How great is that? I never knew about it. Beats the hell out of the Internet cafe, which I will save only for emergencies in the future, until I get internet service at home, whenever that day comes. Noticed over the weekend that the Orioles have a Greek outfielder, the name gave it away: Nick Markakis. A few years ago my cousin Linda wrote to George Stephanopoulos, that's her name too, and it turns out we're related however distantly to the diminutive newsman.

In terms of being embarrassed by my heritage, this morning I saw a stupid ass speeding in his SUV, talking on the cellphone of course; not really a news flash, but what made it, oh, somehow sadder and more comical at the same time, I saw the guy's license plate: 1BDGRK. In other words, ONE BAD GREEK. Yeesh! You realize we're sharing the planet with these people. I think his next license plate should read PATHETICDUMBASS.

Speaking of pathetic, I saw a girl with a tatoo on her shoulder with the words RICHIE and SAMBORA surrounding a star. See Above for her next tatoo.

The topper of the day comes from a vendor I saw on Canal Street. This guy is putting out his merchandise this morning, wheeling out a rack of tee-shirts. One of them, probably his biggest seller in this modern age of vulgarity, reads: FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCK! I couldn't keep my mouth shut, so I said, "C'mon! You gotta sell a shirt like that?" I didn't wait for an answer, just kept on walking.

I recently saw a young girl with a tee-shirt carrying the pithy slogan: I FUCKED YOUR BOYFRIEND. That's it, simple and to the point. Great parenting out there, folks. This is an age when vulgarity passes for comedy. I guess that's why I like The Simpsons, but find South Park totally unfunny and depressing.

So the lesson for today is, I don't want your pity, but if you feel the need to proffer it, I will begrudgingly accept.

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