Thursday, November 09, 2006

Donnie We Hardly Knew Ye

"Ignorance is the root of fear
Fear is the kindling of anger
War is the bringer of shame
But never has the burden lain so heavily on the victim"
News From The Front - Bad Religion

Well, that
didn't take very long, did it? The President who refused to admit even the smallest mistake was forced yesterday to concede that his longtime Defense Secretary, the ancient and disesteemed Don Rumsfeld, wasn't gettin' it done, so now he's been abandoned to the scrap heap of history like yesterday's newspaper.

The Senate race? Could it have worked out any better? To have a creep like George Allen get strung along for a couple of days, only to lose a squeaker in Virginia? Seeing a petulant George Bush getting all testy with the media at his press conference yesterday? Priceless.

It's also Oh So Sweet to see the right wing blogosphere in deep denial and despair. For them I wish eight long years of President Hillary. Now, Clinton would not be my first or second or even 10th choice, but you know what -- it would be worth it if only for the large numbers of stress-related heart attacks, strokes and cerebral aneurysms it would cause among the ethics-less greedheads, shameless war profiteers and debased corporate criminals that so selfishly supported such a calamitous, deleterious administration.

Before the 2008 presidential race, however, comes one more humiliation for the Republicans -- can you say Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi? Oh the humanity! Pea-brained right-wing suckup Sean Hannity for one was positively apoplectic with rage when discussing this very possible outcome in the weeks leading up to Election Day. And of course the new House Majority Leader is another conservative favorite: John Murtha, whose heroic, unwavering stance against the Iraq War set an example for others to come out against an unpopular, costly, unnecessary invasion.

We've endured six years of misrule and worldwide embarrassment from an appointed president, with two more years remaining for Bush as the lamest of lame ducks. It's time for Republicans to face their absolute worst nightmare. Let's see if they so willingly support wiretapping and domestic surveillance when it emanates from the office of a woman president. Can you say two-faced hypocrites? Get used to it, because the conservative mindset is laced with a small-minded meanness that will only get even more toxic given the latest turn of events.

And how about the gubernatorial elections? Did we kick a little ass there or what? Democrats now control 28 of the 50 governorships, ending an eight-year run of Republican dominance. Yes, it's truly morning in America.

Hey, Republicans came to Washington promising to clean up the corruption and fraud. Instead, like all Republican administrations (Nixon, Reagan, Bush I), they eventually defiled and desecrated everything they touched as they worshipped the Almighty Dollar at the expense of all else -- sickening the populace in the process. Even the Christian evangelical base that conservatives had politically exploited and took for granted felt increasingly violated by an administration that had long lost its moral high ground.

So for now, progressives and liberals and free-thinkers have earned the right to rejoice and enjoy this victory, however slight, however tempered by the death and destruction that the warmongers in the current administration have unleashed in the name of their grandiose plans for world domination. I would go so far as to say a little gloating and crowing is in order. Do you think the other side would be downplaying the election results if it accrued in their favor? Not bloody likely.

There will be plenty of time to govern and lead over the coming months. For now, take a little time and throw some rancor and disdain their way. They would have had no qualms doing likewise had fortune woke up on the other side of the bed. They've had it coming for a long, long time.

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