Monday, August 07, 2006

Squawking Like A Pink Monkey Bird

You know God has a sick sense of humor when you stop and reflect on the comical physical guises he bestowed on some of his creations. One need look no further than the weirdly configured 3-toed sloth, the charmingly goofy manatee and the freakishly puppetheaded Junior Senator from Connecticut, Joseph Lieberman. What else do these Seuss-like wonders have in common, besides their penchant for scaring small children? Perhaps the fact that after this Tuesday's state primary, none of these forlorn creatures will be slithering around the halls of Congress in support of a costly, immoral, unnecessary war. Lieberman's enthusiastic shilling for the invasion, occupation and prosecution of the Orwellian-named Operation Iraqi Freedom likely opened the door for anti-war candidate Ned Lamont to hand the diminutive woodenhead warhawk his walking papers. That news, coupled with corrupt, embattled, scandal-ridden Ohio Republican Congressman Bob Ney's decision not to seek reelection in the fall, could be the start of a wave of mutiliation for the War Party and the beginning of an end to the almost unprecedented killing, chaos and despair they are responsible for on a global basis. Yes, maybe there is a God.

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