Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Most Horrible Person In America

THAT EPITHET remains applicable to only one man: Long Island's own Bill O'Reilly. Consider this your one-stop O'Reilly Hatin' Station.

I remember how at the start of shock & awe this noxious creep proposed giving the citizens of Baghdad 48 hours to clear out before leveling the city lest there be any resistance to our wonderful, heroic invading stormtroopers. I still regard that comment as one of the sickest comments ever heard uttered on television.

For an introduction to his vileness and a debunking of this sanctimonious bully's facile talking points, go to Hear delusional O'Reilly call for a boycott of Mexico and bemoan the popularity of the Dixie Chicks, while you revel in the knowledge that the average O'Reilly Factor viewer is 71 years old.

Another Website doing God's work (i.e., devoted to taking down this venomous scourge) is It rightly bills itself as An Organization Of Hope.

The Nation ( does a fine job of skewering O'Reilly's feeble attempts at book-writin' in its current online edition, taking aim at his often unintentionally humorous effort to indoctrinate the young folks against the evils of secular humanism. It would be even more funny if the man wasn't such an evil bastard who way too many people take seriously. The man is a non-stop hate machine, with a primetime cable show, radio program and syndicated newspaper column spewing his outrageous McCarthyisms all too often unchallenged.

O'Reilly is the subject of nightly lampooning on the Keith Olberman show, Jon Stewart tweaks him mercilessly, and the Colbert Report is a demented, bizarro world homage to Clueless Bill. David Letterman famously told him he was full of crap a few months ago. And of course there was the infamous sexual harrassment case that he settled out of court. But there seems to be no stopping him, because as long as you preach hatred of liberals, there is always a built-in audience of goobers, hicks, trailer trash know-nothings and neo-nazis.

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