Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Fatherland's No Place To Die For

HAVEN'T LISTENED TO Air America in weeks, maybe even months. Right after I was laid off I used to listen to Al Franken sometimes, but I really only liked two shows enough to tune in consistently, the morning show with Mark Maron and then Mike Malloy at night (maybe it's an M thing), and of course they have both been canceled, at least in the New York area. Even more tragically, Malloy's time slot has been filled with the uber-lame Satellite Sisters, which Jeanane Garafolo had the guts to blast a few months ago on air, saying that altho she was sure they were nice people, she knew of no one who actually liked them. I agree big-time. Their show consists of 4 or 5 sisters living in different cities on a group conference call babbling endlessly/needlessly about their boring social/love lives. Brutal radio. In practice it's even more hideous than the description would have you believe, with zero political insight or content. It should be used to torture what prisoners remain at camps like Guantanamo, along with archives from the mercifully cancelled David Lee Roth radio program. Hell, come to think of it, anything David Lee Roth does is a form of torture to anyone with half a brain.

For a late night political talk fix I turn now to Lionel on WOR-AM 710 on your dial, just Lionel, no last name needed, who is on my wavelength now both literally & figuratively. Knowledgeable, intelligent and properly vituperative & unforgiving toward the right-wing loonies who call in to voice support for Gruppenfuhrer Bush and our heroic Stormtroopers protecting our freedom and our way of life.

I have decided to boycott Imus in the Morning and the Daily News, for similar reasons. Imus' show has become a platform for some of the most detestable personalities/celebrities of various political stripes, but mostly right wing scum. Imus himself adopts a ridiculous Cowboy persona that would be laughable if he didn't wield so much power; I live for the day when his world comes tumbling down. Here's a short list of the human crap he gives an uncritical pass to: Joseph Lieberman, Laura Inghram, Donald Trump, Orrin Hatch, Rick Santorum, Jay Severin, George Will, etc. But the crowning blow for me was allowing self-styled retard Bo Dietl to give his viewpoint on the Middle East, which was basically kill all the Arabs and let God sort them out. The show is long past its prime and will not be missed.

The Daily News has long been listing to the right under the pathetic Mort Zuckerman's twisted stewardship, coming off like a pale imitation of the New York Post. The paper that used to employ populist writers of staggering talent like Jimmy Breslin and Pete Hamill is unrecognizable now. The final straw for me had to be a column by Michael Goodwin, a smiling yuppie hack and unapologetic Bushie cut from the David Brooks weenie mold. In a column titled Give War A Chance: Hezbollah Starts A Fight, So It's Time To Teach Terror A Lesson, he posits that Israel, by the very fact that it is Israel, can literally do no wrong and should prosecute this latest war with unbridled savagery so as to stop terrorism for generations to come. Of course, it's not the neoconmen who will be doing the fighting. So now the Post of course is out, the News is out, the Times is too expensive so I just read it online; that leaves me with Newsday, the Voice, the New York Press, and the free daily papers, amNewYork and metro. Which is enuf to get me thru the week. Here's hoping there's a Hezbollah rocket with Goodwin's name on it.

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