Friday, January 20, 2006

Malloy off Air America

Do you believe this shit? Just found out that the Mike Malloy show is off WLIB, which is the NewYork station for Air America. So now if you wanna listen it's either XM or the Internet. That sucks. They're replacing it with the Satellite Sisters, which is even lamer than it sounds. I mean, first they take Marc Maron off the morning show, which forces me to listen to Imus to the point of diminishing returns. Imus was funny when he was a drunk cokehead before he became the political Imus, the brand Imus, who gives Rick Santorum and David Brooks and Bill O'Reilly valuable airtime.
That's two strikes against Air America in my book, getting rid of Marc Maron and now, at least temporarily, no more Mike Malloy raving against Bush & Company. That's substantial fucking with stuff I grew to like. It's kind of like when Au Bon Pan discontinued their chicken pot pies and, ultimately, their spinach and cheese croissant, but obviously on a deeper, more gut-wrenching level.
You don't miss your water till your well runs dry. I think Shakespeare said that. Or maybe Hank Williams.

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