Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sometimes You Get The Croc, Sometimes The Croc Gets You

I was feeling really down the last few days, as evidenced by my last depressing post. But now I'm a little more optimistic. I have four catering gigs on the horizon in May, and hopefully some proofreading jobs will also show up along the way. Every month is a struggle, every week a fight, every man a king... every dog has his day. Bow wow wow! Things could be worse ... somehow. I could have been eaten by a crocodile, or an alligator like the two unfortunate souls this week. Once in Florida a friend and I sat by a lake and watched for hours and hours as crocodiles staked out a group of flamingoes, our very own nature special. But nothing happened. Maybe the crocs weren't hungry that day.
I would like to ride out the next few months doing whatever catering and proofing gigs come my way, then get a full time job sometime during the summer. There is something to be said for having the summer off: going to the beach, bike riding, etc. The weather around here has been so fucking depressing, no sun for days on end, it can't help but affect your mood.
Well, I sit here again at the local Internet Cafe a-bloggin' and my time is about to run out, or rather I can't afford to sit here for hours on end: time is money, money is time. And dollars make no sense. Something like that. (Boy, this entry has sucked.) I have a million ideas but then I let them pass and the inspiration is no longer there. Peace out...

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