Thursday, May 11, 2006

Black Hole Sun

This has not been a good or productive week. I'm trying to remember that every week is going to be different, but I've worked just once since I last blogged. That's not going to cut the mustard, as they say in the food business. And the worst is that there is nothing concrete on the horizon. If I had something to look forward to I could fool myself into thinking things are not that bad. But with nothing at all penciled in, that makes it tough. I applied to a few jobs earlier this week. No Reply, as John Lennon used to sing. This is getting played out. I am losing momentum like an old steam engine at the end of its day. Why is it so hard? I basically have this month's rent put away, and then it all begins again. The bill collectors are amassing at the proverbial door. I have medical situations I can't afford to address, which are likely to worsen without attention. I need a break, and soon.
Boy, this is depressing. If anyone has anything positive to contribute here, I'm all ears and eyes. How about a pep talk telling me things aren't so bad. I await your help. Even my famed sense of black humor has forsaken me today.

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