Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Take This Job

I walked. I had just received my first check for my first week and it was obscenely small. By my calculations they had shorted me about 3 hours, and I was pissed. I talked to the payroll guy and he said I should keep track of my hours and if I was short he’d put it on my next check. Well, I thought that’s what he was supposed to do.
I was sitting in my cubicle and it was 5 minutes before the shift was supposed to start. They had us doing like a 30-minute survey on personal income and we were supposed to do 1.5 an hour. I couldn’t face another 6 hours of this shit and so I put my coat on and walked. I don’t know if I quit. I don’t know if I’m ever going back.
The place is a sorry collection of misfits & weirdos and I just don’t wanna become one of them. So I walked. Was it a smart thing to do? Time will tell.
I have a catering gig tomorrow. My rent is paid for next month. I’ll find something or something will find me.

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