Thursday, March 02, 2006

Cracking Up

So... I am currently working a telemarketing sort of market research gig. The office is on Irving Plaza, and I am one of like 100 people perched in cubicles conducting surveys. Last night was my first night and it went okay, I got the most completed surveys of all the new people. Yippee! The pay is low, working nights 5 to 11. At least it keeps my days open ... Had an interview for copy editor last week at Penthouse magazine, thought it went well, took home a copy editing test and returned it last Friday, haven't heard back from them yet, keeping my fingers crossed ... For about a week and a half I had a job doing the shipping & handling for my "friend's" business. She sells novelty bookmarks & cufflinks & cards. I was basically in a freezing garage making boxes, putting stuff in them, taping them shut & slapping labels on them. I was working by myself & the time passed glacially. Then she said it wasn't working out & let me go. This after I did a mass mailing of a thousand catalogs where she basically left me at the post office to fend for myself. The catalogs were SUPPOSED to have already been sorted by four different classifications based on zip codes, then broken down into packs of 15, labeled, rubber banded & then bagged and labeled again! She knew all this but didn't give a shit! The post office guys were freaking out. I had to take half the catalogs home & sort them out. She was like, well, I'm running a business here & I can't be expected to take the time out & explain stuff to you! You know, fuck her & her trinket business, that's just the way I feel ... I've been doing some catering work with a real friend, Tony, who uses me whenever he can. Last party was 4 hours & I went home with 100 bucks. I need more work like that ... The agencies have been worse than useless, either getting my hopes up with false promises or ignoring me totally. Fuck G.S. at L.P. in particular. Gets me one interview in six months. & then I get this email from another useless "recruiter" or whatever they call themselves. This is what is known as total insanity: "Dear Bob, Barry, Terry-Ann, Rowena, Jimmy, Lenette, Bruce, Cristina, and Heather, Not much notice, but I want to invite you to the Millionaire Mind Intensive intro (I attended last Dec) this Weds eve. It's free at the Javits Center. The website is It's based on a book called The Millionaire Mind: Secret Psychology of Wealth by T. Harv Eker. It is presently on the NYT bestseller list. I was introduced by a particpant in the Self _Expression and Leadership Program at Landmark Education last October. After this intro I was so inspired, I attended their 3-day seminar in Seacucus, NJ. I applied some of their teachings, like a money magnet song I would sing around the office. It attracted a biotech firm I had been working with, but in a very limited capacity, and it developed in flying colors. There is a lot of music, dancing and games to show how many of us have negative beliefs about becoming rich. The exercises peel away the many layers of insecurity we have about money. For me it was a weekend of joy and inspiration because fundamental to Harv Eker's philosophy is to donate and share with others. Enuf said. Hope you can come. Sending my best, Birdie" ... Ya know, just get me a fucking job, get me an interview, work with me here... I've applied to jobs online that I thought were perfect for me in terms of my experience, etc., only to hear nothing back. I am hanging in there, because all I need is one good job. I am operating under the premise that someday I will look back at all this &, if not laugh out loud, then at least chuckle knowingly ... One thing I am not laughing about: the day the music died. My freaking MP3 player went dead 2 weeks ago! All my songs lost. Fucking piece of crap! I mean, check out my playlist. You tell me if this is not a tragedy. If I ever buy another one, it will not be an iRiver player, my friends.

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