Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Paul Mann 1960-2009

BOY OH BOY, lately it's been one downer after another. I hate having to write this, but I just learned via Facebook that one of my high school classmates was found dead today on the shore of Oregon's Columbia River after an apparent drowning. Paul Mann was a fellow Class of 1978 alum from long-defunct McBurney School in Manhattan. He helped out the football team as a manager, and was one of those guys who was truly well-liked by everyone: the Jocks, the Brains, the Freaks, the Stoners, you name it.

His father was the legendary jazz flutist Herbie Mann, who died six years ago. But you would never know his dad was a world-famous musician, as Paul was as down to earth as they come. Coming after we lost Tony Tortora about a year ago, this kind of sad news really brings home how fragile life is.

Body of paddle boarder found near
Hood River this morning
by The Oregonian

If you click to enlarge this pic of our '75 football squad, Paul's the shaggy-haired fellow wearing the light blue jacket on the far right, just to the left of #74 (Ralph Tucker).

R.I.P, Paul.


usdan@aol.com said...

Was reading about Paul, led me to your blog...if you dont mind, who is this?

Thanks, steven usdan

Bill said...

This is very sad news. Paul was a great kid with a fine sense of humer and was the manager of our team in '75 and '76. His connections in the music industry used to provide us with concert tickets that were otherwise unavailable. May he rest in peace.

By the way, Cookie Tucker was #74 next to Paul. From Billy Rowland, #63 on the left side of the picture.

The Warden said...

Hey Steve- it's Barry (George) Ward. We were on the wrestling team together of course. Very sad news because even though it's 30+ yrs. later, I remember him and his goofy smile like it was yesterday.

Hi Bill, good to hear from you, unfortunately it's bad circumstances like this one. You're right about his dry sense of humor. Stay in touch/

Eric Schweitzer said...

A friend told me what happened to Paul and I found your blog...

I was friends with Paul at McBurney. He was a very bright guy and fun to hang out with. He loved music. We would listen to all sorts of progressive rock records... bands like "Gong", "King Crimson", etc.

I know that he loved wind surfing, skateboarding and the like.

He was an amazing guy and I'll miss him.

Ron Hoffman said...

Hey George- I'm #87 in the McB football team pic. So sad to hear about Paul. We went to The Who in '76.He taught me how to skip the Frisbee off the ground and also the 'killer' forehand throw. As you said he was loved by brains, jocks & stoners.

Bill said...

Eric Schweitzer and Ron Hoffman, I hope you are well. Paul got so many of us into The Who in 1976, didn't he? "loved by brains, jocks, and stoners" is an excellent legacy.

The Warden said...

Hey, Ron, of course I remember our prototype tight end. Paul was just a great guy to hang out with, as Eric said. Just devastating news. Next reunion should be in his memory. I'm on Facebook under Barry Ward, so let's keep in touch.

Paul J Mann said...

Hello All,

My name is Michelle...I am Paul's girlfriend. I love hearing all the great stories of Paul and the picture certainly made me laugh.

I have heard so many stories from Paul of his days growing up in Manhattan - they all held a strong place in Paul's heart. Paul and I were out to dinner with friends when we got to Hood River and he was doing a bit of his graffiti work on the paper table cloth. We were all laughing at his graffiti skills and had a good picture of him skating around the city with spray paint.

Thank you for all the kind words and for remembering Paul.

Michelle Urban

The Warden said...

Hi Michelle, my condolences go out to you. Paul was a great guy, as his high school friends can attest to.

Gregg Linsky said...

Hi I am Gregg, or "cousin Gregg" to Paul. I loved that pic that you posted! It brought me back to the olden days of high school! Although I did not grow up in NYC with all of you, I do remember meeting many of you on my numerous trips into the city!
I wanted to reach out to all of Paul's friends and invite you to come to an informal gathering to honor Paul. We will be at Steamers Landing, down at the Financial Center, Wednesday 7/15 from 4:30-7:30. I hope to you will drop by to share your Paul stories and any old photos you may have.
Hope to see you there!

Jordan Kislak said...

I was really saddened when I heard this news.
I went to McBurney 7th &8th grades(I think 73&74) Since I don't remember much much of it ,I guess I was one of the "stoners",I know I wasn't on the football team .
Paul was a good guy , and from what I have read recently became a good man.
These posts bring back some fond memories

The Warden said...

Hey Jordan, thanks for commenting. I must have just missed you at McB. My first year was '75. I'm still good friends with John Starace, who graduated with me in '78, and you probably know him. 6 degrees of separation...

Jordan Kislak said...

wow, its been a few years . I remember the name . the only one I have kept contact with from McB is Eric Schweitzer,and Pail Gold's father

The Warden said...

I think Paul Gold was in my class. I went to an all-classes reunion about 5 years ago now. A lot of McB alum are on Facebook, and McBurney Prep itself is a page.

Anonymous said...

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