Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Villain For A Day

POSTGRAD PUNK REUNION piece is up today. As I mentioned last week, music blog The Vinyl Villain is smack dab in the midst of 40 days of guest posts sent in from the ranks of its many knowledgeable followers. My own contribution spotlights some of the more recent music made by members of vintage British punk bands -- what JC has cleverly dubbed the Class of '79.

The Buzzcocks and Stiff Little Fingers disbanded in the early '80s. By the early '90s, though, both groups were back at it with slightly different personnel -- releasing records and touring all over the world again, to the delight of older fans as well as those unfortunate souls who never had the opportunity to see them live the first time around. Punk icons Joe Strummer and Paul Weller seemingly never looked back after the demise of The Clash and The Jam -- each instead embarking on prolific solo careers that would take them in interesting and unexpected directions over the following decades.

And on that note, if you're curious about the rest of the story, as well as the 4 songs I've featured, head to
Vinyl Villain now, and be sure to bookmark it for future enjoyment and edification. You'll have plenty of time to thank me later.


justin said...

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for commenting over at Mustard Relics. I've read a few of the articles here and the one you did over at Vinyl Villain and am very impressed, but you better be at your age with all the experience you have with the writtten word. Politically I can see we pretty much see eye to eye as well and I really dug the selection of photos you have along the right hand side of your blog. Well I know you're a busy guy but don't be a stranger at MR. Now if I could only figure out where to stick your site in my links. Thanx again. Oh yeah one of my favorite later Joe Strummer tunes here,

The Warden said...

Really appreciate the kind words, Justin. Those X-Ray Spex Peel Sessions are amazing, BTW.

I used to have like 3 times as many pix along the side, my wall of fame, but people said the page took too long to load, so I skimmed it down.

X-Ray Style is just unbelievable, probably Strummer's best solo record overall.

If you get a chance, check out Mick Jones' new band Carbon Silicon, I think you'll dig it: