Monday, April 27, 2009

Bygone Bylines

JUST SCANNED some old articles of mine at the local Internet cafe.

Two pieces from the Sunday Daily News Arts & Leisure section, two from the Queens Tribune. I think I got $75.00 from the News for each one, and had another one published a few years later; the Tribune items date back to my internship there while attending Hunter College.

We had a real good group of reporters at the Trib back in '86, including Marty Lipp, John Rofe and Tom Zambito. They treated me great, assigning me stories ranging from local community and political coverage to the pop culture stuff they knew I always wanted to do.

The New York Daily News used to have a feature called Counterpunch: Talking Back to the Critics, which was essentially a forum for freelancers. Counterpunch is long gone, and I doubt the News even utilizes freelancers anymore as newspapers continue going the way of pinball games, 8-track players, and private phone booths.

(Robert Gordon photo by John Starace)

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