Thursday, March 08, 2007

Vermont Culture Alert

My old pal Kathryn Drury, who worked with me at The Wall Street Transcript for years and years spanning the late 1980s and most of the 1990s (including our long stint together at the insane asylum ... er, office -- populated by characters like Cool Cal, the Mar Woman, Judith Rulerhands, located on the 19th floor of 99 Wall), relocated a few years back to her home state of Vermont. Greenpoint, Brooklyn, will never be the same, but it seems New York's loss has become New England's gain, as Ms. Drury has been busy writing novels and, as I just learned, has become quite the busy little feature writer for two local newspapers, the Waterbury Record and the Stowe Reporter. Very cool. It seems like only yesterday that our Short Story Club was in full swing, the two of us exchanging stories each week and then meeting a few days later at the Pearl Street Diner for some constructive critiques over a juicy cow-burger. One of my all-time favorite people, it really makes me happy to see her in print, because I always knew she had the talent. I was always envious of her then because her short stories were usually way better than mine. Now I'm happy that I can keep up with her long distance through the miracle of the World Wide Web.


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Hey Ward, I'm so slow at getting to blog's. Was touched to be noted in Warden's World. A true honor. Hey, have you read Tender Bar by J.R. Moehringer? I thought of you all through it. Good memoir, great humor, I think he's about our age. Love, K .