Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Magnus Maximus said...

Poor Tom. First the indignity of being ousted from his Senate seat, now this.

All this tax minutiae is going to seem petty and irrelevant once global capitalism collapses, and we're all eating sewer rat and murdering our neighbors for firewood.

Wardens World said...

Taxes are for little people, suckers who can't find enough writeoffs. Meanwhile, unemployment rate is highest since 1983, during the reign of Ronnie Raygun.

I just heard that New York State is borrowing to pay off its weekly unemployment benefits. Even China has seen massive layoffs because orders are down from the U.S. and A.

But let's reward Wall Street with another blank check so they can pass it on bonuses to upper management.

Magnus Maximus said...

I have to say I keep underestimating the conniving genius of the GOP. Worst economic numbers in decades? Ahh, we'll still stonewall the sonzabitches!

Seriously, the only reason I can see for the ENTIRETY of the GOP House voting down a bill they knew would pass is so they can later say, "see, we told you!"

They actually WANT the economy to tank further. Sheer sociopathy. This new GOP is a different breed...hell, at least the Repubs of the 70s and 80s possessed some degree of political pragmatism. Now it's "their way or the highway." Unfucking real!

By the way, hi Warden. Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Your blog looks great as usual, and I must express admiration for your regular maintenance.

I finally got a new PC so I'll be checking in semi-regularly.