Friday, May 09, 2008

On The Up Escalator Going Down All The Cracks

"You Are the Dummies of Another Frightened Nation, I Am a Candidate For Elevation, But When I Woke Up This Morning I'd Lost All Sensation..." Graham Parker, Empty Lives

Pouring rain all day, just got home, 6pm. End of a brutal week at work. First of all, the other proofreader's been out for the better part of 4 weeks. Not sure why. But it means I'm doing everything related to proofreading, which this week meant coming in early, staying late and bringing work home. And that translates into 40 regular hours and 10 hours of overtime. So that's gonna be a nice check come next week. Plus I did a short 2-hour freelance project on Monday night, that comes on another check. And of course there's supposed to be some sort of rebate check...on the way.

Been at AB for 17 weeks now, so getting through this week, including proofreading an entire 300-page book, another 100-page monthly, and then all the notes for 2 weekly issues, was a major step in the right direction.

I got through it, working through a major toothache the last 3 days, as well as a radically reduced sleep cycle. Got home pretty tired from the Mexico trip Sunday night, and then was up at least by 6:00 AM every day. And then because we were so behind, I took a lot of stuff home with me, 60-70 pages' worth a night, so I couldn't just hit the sack after work and catch up on the sleep I lost on vacation. I can barely keep my eyes open, and I'm not just saying that...

Last week at this time, Friday evening, I was no doubt sipping one of the following: a Corona, a Modelo, an Absolut screwgie, a glass of wine or sangria, perhaps even a Pina Colada, and it was all free, keep 'em coming, no reason to stop now, all inclusive, everything taken care of, just throw the waiter a few pesos to perpetuate good inter-country karma, because I'm like that, and that's the way it is.

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