Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Holding Pattern

6:00pm. Just got home from work. And for the first time at this job I had to bring work home with me. The other proofreader has been out for a while, and so it's been busy. My supervisor asked me to stay late, and I said I could stay till 7 or so. Then I remembered the other proofer saying he sometimes brought work home with him when he got swamped, so I suggested I could get more done taking work home with me; he went for it, and now I have about a good 4 or 5 hours' worth of stuff, with some more likely tomorrow.

I know all my loyal readers are as anxious to hear the details about my Cancun trip (which was a blast) as I am to relate them, but unfortunately my workload all but precludes it for the foreseeable near future. In addition to my regular 9-5, it looks like the rest of this week I'll be proofing at home every night and probably into and over the weekend and through to next week. Did i mention that I'm functioning on very little sleep since getting back late Sunday night, rising at 5:30 Monday morning and then 6 today? Well, now I have...

Last night it was a small document for a freelance client, a small ad firm, about 2 hours' worth of work. The next few nights it's overflow from my day job, and then I've already got another big project lined up for my Astoria library research job, and his reports are usually 110-120 pages long, so it usually takes around 7-8-9 hours to get it done, considering I not only have to edit the report but then make the changes electronically on a word doc and send it back to him.

But absolutely no complaints. I need the hours, the money, need the work itself, which they tell me builds character. Over the last month or so, it seems I've had work waiting for me on my home computer almost every night. Gotta take it when it's there, because when it's not there, well, it's hard to take it for obvious reasons. In fact, one of my main freelance clients moved their operations to the Left Coast, so it's unlikely I'll see any more work from them.

Anyway, now I must make like a tree and leave. Put an egg in my shoe and beat it. Or, as one old tomato said to the other,
We Ketchup Soon.

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