Sunday, October 14, 2007

Love To Play Tackle

We went from short sleeves to jackets and coats in a hurry here in New York over the last few days. Three weeks after the calendar marked the official end of summer, we've had the warmest fall perhaps of all time -- or more to the point, we've had summer weather extended into October for weeks and weeks, sponsored by your friendly folks at Global Warming Inc.

Just last week we were hitting the beach with impunity as temps dipped back up into the 80s, then late in the week, the first chill of autumn flew in on blustery morning winds, and it finally dawned on everyone that, yes, another summer's end is in the books.

A lot of things to delve into today, but a pre-NFL Sunday morn is hardly the time or place for such random delving. Not when there's a Texas style showdown in the offing with the 5-0 Dallas Cowboys hosting the 5-0 Boston Cheatriots this afternoon. We're taking a ride to Karim's house in Teaneck for this game, that's how huge and how anticipated this contest is in Cowboy Nation. There will be at least 4 of us devoted Cowboy fanatics screaming in front of a large screen TV. It's hard to believe that this is only the 5th time in NFL history two undefeated teams have met this late in the year. I just don't get why it hasn't happened more often.

Everyone has weighed in on the marquee matchup, and I would say 9 out of 10 "experts" are picking the Pats. The AFC is the far superior conference, the reasoning usually goes, and the Pats have all that Super Bowl history. I give the Cowboys a fighter's chance because I believe at their best, Dallas can match up with any team in the league.

Last year Dallas beat the eventual Super Bowl champions when the Colts rode high into Texas Stadium at 9-0. That's got to give them some added confidence.

Also, I would be shocked if QB Tony Romo follows up his bad game last Monday night with another stinker. I expect Romo to play well enough for the Cowboys to win, and not to put his defense into bad situations with turnovers. Of course I was shocked that he threw 5 picks against the Bills. But Romo was able to rally for the game winning drive like vintage Roger Staubach, just to pick a name out of the air on this football Sunday.

The Cowboys need two other things to happen. First, a consistent pass rush against Tom Brady. If the Dallas defense doesn't get 4 or 5 sacks, a lot of pressures and hurries from DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer, and at least 2 turnovers leading to scores, I think their chances go way down of coming out with a victory.
Second, and related to the first, is keeping Pats WR Randy Moss in check, not letting him take over the game with big plays. To me this is the wild card. If Dallas can hold Moss to under 100 yards, they win a close game.

Pre-game prediction: Cowboys 24, Patriots 19.

Post game I'll either be too jacked up or too bummed out to offer any coherent conclusions. Good sign that the Red Sox lost last night. Sometimes luck runs hand in hand with cities. The Sox and Pats fans are insufferable blowhards. Their teams sucked for years and years and then they get a dose of winning for 4 or 5 years and now they invented football and baseball. Go Indians! Go Cowboys!!


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jimithegreek said...


Wardens World said...

Hey, we came back from 14-0 and 21-10 to take the lead 24-21. Ya gotta admit some of those penalties were bogus. 12 penalties for 100 yards after 3 quarters, that's hard to overcome. I hate Boston teams with a passion.

I don't know if Vinnie coming back and throwing for all those yards with, what, like half a week of practice is a testament to his ability or just how bad the Cards are in pass defense. But it's good for all us old guys that he can still get it done, no doubt.

Gotta hope the Falcons can trip up the Giants tonight, otherwise Cowboys gotta keep winning to stay ahead in the division. Long way to go, but 5-1 still sounds good.

Saints are gonna go on a roll also, schedule is weak as all hell. They looked very good last night.

Serge A. Storms said...

What in the name of all that's holy has happened to Shaun Alexander. He wasn't on the cover of Madden this season, which would explain it. I've lamented that the corpse of Bronko Nagurski could out play him this season, and Cadillac Williams is playing better from the sidelines on injured reserve. Honestly, I wouldn't care if he wasn't stinking up my fantasy team.

That was a hell of a game yesterday. I hate Tom Brady, mainly for running off with my future wife.

Wardens World said...

Hey, Tampa Bay gutted out a tough one yesterday. Shawn Alexander just runs too soft. I couldn't appreciate the Cowboys-Pats game, but now I will enjoy rooting against Boston sports teams for the rest of my existence.

Serge A. Storms said...

TB did have a tough one yesterday. Ronde Barber was denied at least 2 interceptions. While it still broke up the plays, it would have been nice for him to finally get one this season. He's a local favorite.

Serge A. Storms said...

Additionally, if the Bucs get 5 more injuries on the team, technically I think I'm the next RB.

Wardens World said...

How was he denied the picks? Just curious. He's been a good corner for years. Probably has no picks because teams don't throw in his direction too much.

Serge A. Storms said...

He had 2 quasi-interceptions that were taken back.