Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's A Good Thing

WARNING: Diary-Like Entry Below

After an excruciating period where freelance work slowed down, the last few weeks have seen a resurgence, if not a renaissance, for yours truly. The key was getting those second and third freelance agencies in the fold, and now I sit at the proverbial junction of opportunity. Being persistent and constantly checking in for work is the key, staying on the radar. Remember, if I make money, they make money, 'cause they charge a fee to whatever company I work for on a given project.

Today is a good example. I worked a 6-hour shift at LTV, which has been my quasi-headquarters since June of '06. I got the LT job through the agency I've been registered at for the longest time, a year and a half or so. Then in the early afternoon I got a call from the second place I found about a month ago, let's call them CC for short. CC got me work at 2 new places already, and they called me around 3 or 4 other times for potential gigs but I was already booked somewhere else for the day(s) they needed me. They seem to have a lot of contacts in advertising. One company down in Chelsea where I had worked about a month ago wanted to know if I could work off premises tonight. Shoot yeah, I said, and it turned out to be a small ad proposal. Last time I was on premises it was a nice juicy 75-page document I could really sink my teeth into. This time it might only be a couple, three hours' worth of work. But that's okay: it's all about getting your foot in the door at as many places as possible, making an impression, getting repeat business. So I will turn that around by tomorrow, and maybe there's something else they'll need down the road.

Then a little later in the afternoon, I get a call from a third agency, which so far has promised me a few things but nothing has materialized. These agencies can drive you crazy like that -- get your hopes up, only to be let down. You try not to get too high or too low, but I plead guilty to getting myself all worked up over possibilities that may or may not turn out, as well as feeling really, really down when things don't work out. But if like me you're putting all your eggs in the freelance basket, then you can't be surprised at the vicissitudes and vagaries of making a living that way. It's definitely not for everyone, and sometimes I'm not even sure it's for me. Just the last week, I've had second thoughts, third thoughts, even 9th and 15th thoughts.

Speaking of which, this third agency, let's call them TF/S, has a company that needs a proofreader for two full weeks, and maybe more, and they want to meet me tomorrow. It's a very famous brand name company, but that's all I will say on the matter. I'm not superstitious really, just a little stitious, but I don't wanna jinx myself any more than absolutely necessary. So that's a positive development. Tomorrow I work at LT till 4, then shoot downtown for the interview or meet & greet or whatever it turns out to be, likely a quick proofing or editing test, which of course I will annihilate with my overall editing acumen, and then we'll see what happens. Not to get ahead of myself, if that's even possible, but if they want me to start next week I will have to do some juggling with LTV.

On the one hand, I don't want to burn any bridges or alienate my regular clients. For instance, this week I worked 4 days at LT. Every other week, or about twice a month, S-NY, down on Varick Street, calls me to work on a certain catalog, an in-house style guide, or something in that vein; I don't wanna lose them, for instance. I don't wanna lose LT if this new gig ends after 2 or 3 weeks. I don't wanna put off the agency that got me both those good gigs, as well as others that I've developed good relationships with over the last year and change; they took me months and months to build up. I don't know where I would be without these guys -- well, gals actually. Another small advertising shop on Varick Street that I worked a few times for asked for me last week, but I was already booked somewhere else and just couldn't squeeze them in; I usually move heaven and earth so that I can accommodate both places the same day -- work somewhere from 9 to 1 or 2 and then shoot over to the other place. Those are the best days, when you feel in demand.


Serge A. Storms said...

I could actually go for a month of feeling less in demand.

Wardens World said...

Trust me, I need to stay as busy as possible.

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