Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Next Best Thing

Not only am I booked thru-out this week, but M. P., the titular head of the production dept., just came over and said I was working out better than the other proofreaders they use and, although at the present time he couldn't offer me a full-time position per se, meaning 40 hours each and every week, he wants me to come in on a consistent basis every week! How fucking great is that? Plus, 30 hours here at 22 an hour adds up to 40 hours at the hotel at 15 per, and the schedule here is much, much better. Okay, so no benefits, but it's the next best thing. And if a full-time official position does open up, he seemed to intimate that I would likely be considered for that. I like all the people I interact with here, in fact the office is filled with cute young creative intelligent female type womenfolk, and M. said if I need to work around some other jobs like last week, he would be amenable to that. So it looks like at least for now I made the right decision to stick with the wild & wacky world of freelance proofreading. And let's face it: it would have been a waste of my immense mental talents to stand behind a hotel desk and wait on precious, pampered East Side types. This gives me a certain peace of mind, at least temporarily, because nothing is forever, nothing is guaranteed and, in the immortal words of one Bobby Dylan, nothing was delivered.


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