Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Do We Miss You, Yes We Do

There may never be a five-year period in music again like 1976 to 1980 or so. The greatness and originality of these bands only appreciates and resonates more as the years pass, and oh how they do pass. If you don't have the sound up as loud as she goes on your speakers for these videos you're pretty much an ass in my book.


justin said...

They won't let me update the flash player here at work, so there's just a big blank spot there, where I'm assuming there is videos. Will check it out when I get home. Just stopped by to see if you had written a Patrick Swayze obituary yet. :-)

The Warden said...

Thanks for stopping by, Just, but I've been in a real funk lately when it comes to blogging. I even surprised myself that I didn't at least get a rudimentary Jim Carroll post up! I like the spoken word bit he contributes to that Rancid song, Junkie Man I think it was, on the Out Comes the Wolves record.

justin said...

Well man, I hope that funk is just about blogging and hasn't spread into other parts of your life. Always on the lookout though dude for your next piece. Still need to check these last couple of posts out at home so I can see the videos. Take it easy.