Tuesday, January 08, 2008

One Immortal Goose

He played for 9 different teams
in his 22 big league seasons, spanning 1972-1994, but the sight of Goose Gossage and his trademark Fu Manchu mustache mowing down batters in a New York Yankees uniform from '78-'83 is how most will probably remember the closer's career. Gossage stood 6'3" but must have seemed at least half a foot taller to hitters. It couldn't have been a pleasant task to face the scowling man waiting to fire his blazing fastball toward home plate. Now he is officially Cooperstown bound.

One of the most intimidating players to ever climb a pitching mound, Richard Michael Gossage got the long-awaited call today from the Baseball Writers Association, informing him that he finally garnered enough votes to be elected to the Hall of Fame. The 56-year-old last pitched in 1994 for Seattle, and will be the sole player inducted this year. Long time coming, and well deserved.

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