Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday Afternoon Cornerback

NFL Week 10 By The Numbers...

0 - Miami's 2007 win total after a 9th straight loss, this one 13-10 to Buffalo, increasing their very real chances of becoming Bizarro World cousins to the undefeated 1972 Dolphins team.

1 - St. Louis Rams win total after their upset 37-29 win on the road against a hot New Orleans Saints squad.

2 - Number of costly FG misses, including a 29-yarder late in the 4th quarter, by usually automatic Colts' K Adam Vinatieri in Colts 2-point loss to San Diego Sunday night.

3 - Number of costly delay of game penalties incurred by QB Eli Manning at his home stadium in the second half of Giants' 31-20 loss to Dallas.

4 - Number of home games for the 8-1 Cowboys in the next 5 weeks, including 3 straight versus Redskins, Jets and Packers.

5 - Sacks of Eli Manning by Dallas on Sunday, after Giants offensive line had surrendered only 8 total in the previous 8 games.

Pick 6 - Number of interceptions thrown by Eli's brother Peyton Manning in 23-21 loss to San Diego Sunday night, a new Colts record -- breaking Bill Troup's mark of 5 set in 1978.

Lucky 7 - Number of Field Goals kicked by Shayne Graham in Bengals' 21-7 win over Baltimore, none longer than 35 yards out.

8 Is Enough
-- Number of Tony Romo passes versus Giants in two games this year, including 4 to WR Terrell Owens.

Number 9 ... Number 9 ... Number 9 - Total wins New England will be stuck on after suffering their first two defeats of 2007: upset losses this week at Buffalo and next week at home versus Eagles. You heard it here (and likely only here!) first.

10...10...10 - Number of touchdowns, interceptions and fumbles on the season for Chargers' QB Philip Rivers.

11 - Number of TDs for WR Terrell Owens in 9 career games versus Giants.

12 - Number of Monday Night home games won in a row by Pittsburgh after last week's 38-7 dismantling of Baltimore Ravens.

Minus 18 - Total yards NOT gained on 8 rushing attempts by Detroit Lions versus Arizona Cardinals.

20-20 - Record of AFC teams versus supposedly weaker NFC in head-to-head games.

36 - Number of passes over 20 yards completed by Romo so far this year, most in the league and 3 more than Tom Brady, Carson Palmer and Derek Anderson.

71.7 - Former Dallas QB Quincy Carter's lifetime passer rating in 38 NFL games, with career completion percentage of 56.5.

74.2 - Lifetime passer rating of Eli Manning, with career completion percentage of 55.0.

245 - Where Giants' DE Osi Umenyiora, New York Daily News football columnist Gary Myers' 2007 Midseason Defensive MVP, ranks among defensive players for total tackles after finishing Cowboys game with zero solo stops and 2 assists.


jimithegreek said...

number nine?????????

Wardens World said...

Dude, you're right. I made a mistake with Pats schedule. Meant to say next two losses will be this Monday at Buffalo and then the following week at home versus Eagles. I just feel it, or it could be delusional based on my hatred of all things Boston.

Serge A. Storms said...

Much as I agree with the hatred of at least the Patriots, (I still have a soft spot for the Celtics) I really don't see them losing this weekend, unless they die in a tragic plane crash that's usually reserved for rock stars and soccer teams. Even then, I'm pretty sure Brady would show up. They might see a tougher time in Philly though.

In all honesty, it'd be worth them going undefeated this season so they can stop carting out the remainder of the Dolphins squad everytime someone gets close to hitting that 0 loss mark. I'm pretty sure those retired Dolphins feel the same way.

Wardens World said...

I agree about the Dolphins being insufferable sore winners. Shula can be a jerk too, considering he was on the competition committee all those years and had the referees intimated into giving him the good whistle in every big game. Plus, that undefeated year, they only beat 2 teams with winning records!

Looks like the Bucs have a favorable schedule especially the last 4 weeks. I'm rooting for Bucs to hold off the Saints. Bucs just might be the most neglected team in football. Literally no one outside the Gruden household seems to give them much of a chance.

As good as the Pats are, they're still just a football team, albeit a very good one. And football teams can lose, especially to division rivals. However, I would give the Bills a much better chance if they didn't just lose their starting RB to injury.

Nonetheless, the reason we keep watching sports is because the underdog can rise up and nip the big dog right in the ass. Let's not forget the Jets winning the Super Bowl after Joe Willie Namath's guarantee, or Buster Douglas beating the hell out of Iron Mike Tyson. Or Vietnam beating back an invasion by the world's greatest superpower, just like Afghanistan ran the Russians out of their country. Or Rocky beating Apollo Creed in Rocky I...

Serge A. Storms said...

...or Angus beat the insurmountable odds and maintained his dignity as prom king.

The sad thing is that the Colts apparently gave up after last week. Peyton throwing 6 interceptions? WTF?

And yes, the Bucs are in their most dangerous spot - being cast as the underdog. Anyone who watched the Superbowl where the Raiders were heavily favored has seen what happens then. The main thing holding them back is the laundry list of injured players. And even taking that into consideration, they're doing well.

Wardens World said...

Amazingly, even after Peyton threw the 6 picks, the Chargers were so inept on offense they couldn't put the Colts away. So there's Peyton at the end of the game in the rain putting his team in position to win, only Vinatieri misses a chip shot FG. Colts also have a lot of injuries right now. Colts have had one of the toughest schedules in the league. Injuries have wiped out a lot of teams this year: Rams, Bills, Dolphins, Bucs. Before the year I picked Colts and Cowboys for the Super Bowl, but then I pick the Cowboys almost every year...