Thursday, May 17, 2007

More MP3 Madness

Hello boys & girls, Uncle Warden here with some more free MP3 nuggets. I know, I know, I'm incredibly thoughtful, but that's what I do.

Let's start with a nice complete live show from the White Stripes. That's right, on the White Stripes Website, you can download a complete concert, 18 songs, from Jack White & Co. on their home turf in Michigan from 2002, before they were discovered by the unwashed masses. And from 2004, there's an MP3 for the song Ball and Biscuit performed live by White Stripes in Detroit accompanied by some guy named Bob Dylan. It's literally priceless, as in free!

Frank Black has made a string of terrific solo albums since the demise of indie supergroup the Pixies in the mid-1990s. For my money, his best stuff eclipses the Pixies' best stuff, although that is considered blasphemy in some circles. Anyway, Minnesota Public Radio has something called Live Performances from The Current, which regularly features musicians coming in to chat and play a few tunes live while they're in town for a show. Frank stayed for over a half hour, and while it's mostly talk, he plays My Life Is In Storage from his latest album and a few other songs. I guess you'd have to be familiar with his work beforehand to fully appreciate this interview, but if it whets your appetite and leads you to check him out, that would be considered a good thing, because Frank Black has never made a bad or uninteresting record, is the best way I can put it; just a regular, down to earth, unassuming fellow who happens to write brilliant songs that tap into his own personal brand of weirdness.

How about a recent in-studio appearance from Arctic Monkeys, a band that couldn't be any hotter right now, with the release of their second album garnering nothing but positive reviews. Here's the link, with an archive that contains a bunch of other artists who stopped by the MPR studio, including indie & alternative stalwarts like Bettie Serveert, Indigo Girls, Cracker, Golden Smog, Buzzcocks, World Party, Mates of State, Magic Numbers, Black Rebel Motorcyle Club, M.I.A., Futureheads, Wedding Present, Shins...

Just found something on Spoon's website: MP3 downloads for five songs, mostly demos. (The MP3's are under BONUS in case you don't get a direct link.)
That should hold you lot for a while...