Monday, April 30, 2007

This Is Me Catching Up

Let me put it right out there: I've been feeling quite guilty, remiss even, over the lack of blog entries I've been able to post. It's been a combination of unequal parts being busy at work and then being obsessed with acquiring new music, such that almost every free moment in front of a computer has been spend burning CDs or burning new music into my computer. I should point out that over this very weekend I got a new computer for my apartment. And as soon as I figure out which of the seemingly endless choices for an internet provider to go with, I will be up and running on the information superhighway.

The problem with missing so much time is that you literally can never catch up on world events or even personal business. For instance, you may be wondering how my birthday went last week, which places I went out to celebrate with friends and family, etc. Some of you may be curious as to how I felt about the horrible school shooting by that ugly dork of a loser who went ballistic on the Virginia Tech campus. For the record, I was adamantly against the whole sordid episode.

You also may be wondering how my freelancing career has been going. Let's just say it's been as busy as it's ever been. I think I only missed two days in the entire month of April, which is deceiving because there were days I worked two different places on the same day. So in addition to my regular shifts at LT, I've been working some one- or two-day projects elsewhere. In fact, I just got a call from the Agency informing me that CB needs me for two full days, tomorrow and Wednesday, so I have to check with LT that it's okay for me to miss those two days and come back Thursday. This could be a very lucrative week if it all works out. It's always a balancing act but it's good to be wanted by different places, good to be in demand.

Then there's also the recent NFL draft to discuss, but first I have to do some research on the picks the Cowboys made. I do know that in addition to getting a stud pass rusher in LB Anthony Spencer from Purdue, somehow we came out of the weekend with Cleveland's overall #1 pick for 2008, which of course could be a very, very high pick indeed.

So that's it for now. It's back to work so that I can live to write another day. Write to live and live to write.

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