Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Must-Read Head

For those of you whose image of David Byrne still revolves around a really big suit, quirky songs about psycho killers and life during wartime from his previous incarnation as the lead Talking Head, or even his latest semi-precious dalliances with world-beat or avante-garde music (an opera about Imelda Marcos!), you may be surprised to learn that his online journal contains such well-written, biting commentary on the sorry state of our politics and in particular the barren madness of the beyond-hideous Bush regime. That's one of the reasons I provide a link to his blog. But I was completely blown away by his latest post. Simply put, it encapsulates a lot of the concerns I'm having about the responsibility all American citizens share in this obscene Iraqi bloodbath––not only the ones actually pulling the triggers or dropping the bombs. It also touches on the odd disconnect that comes with living in these Krazy Nukular Tymes where things seem to truly be falling apart. Judge for yourself, but prepare to be amazed.

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