Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Back In Business

I sit here writing this entry at the local internet cafe, as my free 3-month membership to AOL expired over the weekend. I thought it was a free 6-month membership. Alas, I was proven wrong.

Got a call from A. Agency yesterday: I'm back at C.B. on Friday for a final look-see at their project. Then I have a catering gig that same night, so I will head over to east 98th for what is supposed to be a party for 900 people, with the waitstaff dressed up in togas. That's all I know about it at the moment. But it was good to hear from C.B., because I was beginning to think that I had done something wrong. Imagine!

The Internet cafe charges a buck for 15 minutes online. Yesterday I wrote the blog at home offline, saved it on a disk, then brought it to the Internet cafe and, voila, another blog entry. then I left the disk here, but I called and they saved it for me. Exciting, hah?

Well, I'm gonna make this short because I'm writing it live, so to speak. Have to check my email again and then hit craigslist and mediabistro at least. I'll report back tomorrow. I have a lot that I want to say and some of it is not totally about me. Soon come.

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